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There is an undeniable joy in finding something truly unique and new online. But, the truth is, most e-commerce platforms focus on putting out the same kinds of products the same way, category to category, sitewide—which prevents innovative, truly unique products from getting into the hands of customers, which hurts sellers.

That’s why VitriNet Shop is different. We have over 700 vendors ready to ship to 185 countries—and we can promise that our merchant platform is 100% safe and secure.

When the world started to change in 2020, we saw, by April, that it was going to take communities like ours to make a difference in people’s lives. So, we founded VitriNet Shop with a 100% satisfaction guarantee—and as parents, we focused on sourcing eco-friendly alternatives to mainstream products. About Us About Us

Since we started, we have made over 2000 successful deliveries, and we would like to extend our entire platform of products to you. Our vendors are passionate, like we are—and they’re dedicated to improving the world, just like our customers.

From our bamboo toothbrush, to our baby carrier, our coffee thermos, and other products, you can see that VitriNet Shop is more than just market trends—we are setting an example of how e-commerce can be a beacon of innovation for the future. About Us

Not only do we look to be competitive across the market, but we seek vendors who want happy customers—and we offer frequent sales and discounts as well as loyalty rewards. Many items can help you save up to 80%. Plus, we give back to the world we engage with in monumental ways. One percent of our revenue is dedicated to planting trees all over the globe.


The world is changing, and so are the expectations of customers. Innovative, forward thinking vendors are rising to meet the needs of people all the world—and we are here to connect you to the products you love for prices and customer service you will love even more. Browse to find more of what you love, today!

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