Iron Nail Vegetable Fruit Picker

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High-Quality Material: The fruit picker is made of excellent materials, and is sturdy and durable. The iron on Nail is not easy to rust. The soft silicone has good elasticity and is not easy to slip.

Multi-Functional: The garden tool adopts a tighter anti-cutting cap design, which can firmly cover the sharp part of the blade. Its sharp blade can pick all kinds of crops. It offers good flexibility to fit the thumb.

Uses: Generally used in agriculture, grape picking, bean picking, pepper picking, etc. It provides a wide range of uses with no hurt to fingernails. Pick or trim with one hand to improve work efficiency.

  • Item Type: Fruit Picker
  • Material: PVC, Silicone
  • Usage: Finger Protection
  • Feature: Scissors Gloves
  • Support: Farm, garden, orchard

Package Includes:
1 * Picking Tool with Flat Head Cutter
1 * Silicone Sleeve Set

Iron Nail Vegetable Fruit Picker